A worldwide leader in distributed learning solutions for corporate, government and higher education

Agilix is a leading developer of distributed learning applications. The company’s third generation solution, Agilix GoCourse™ is the foundation of a number of powerful distributed learning solutions, including Blackboard Backpack® and Early College Epic™. Agilix distributed learning solutions enable corporate, government and higher education students accelerate their study and learning through offline access to rich learning content and collaboration, with powerful note-taking, information capture, annotation and search. Agilix solutions leverage the power of Windows laptops and Tablet PCs, and enable content synchronization with various L/CMS systems, such as the Blackboard Academic Suite™ and eCollege®. The Agilix GoCourse is designed for building partner-branded, custom applications that empower mobile students with offline access to key learning content and collaboration through synchronization with commercial and proprietary L/CMS systems.

Agilix has a passion for enriching the life of the student to enhance learning efficiency. Agilix believes that distributed learning solutions will dramatically alter the way students learn, thereby advancing the depth and breadth of education that will occur in the world’s educational institutions, corporations and government organizations.

Agilix distributed learning enable students to capture learning knowledge from a wide number of sources, automatically, and filtered to their preferences. Distributed learning solutions enable students to carry e-textbooks, course management information, and more, with full annotation and powerful search capability. All electronic publisher and faculty supplied resources is fully secure through digital rights management.

Agilix distributed learning enhances students’ ability to communicate and share learning (legally) with peers and team members. In addition to email, IM and text messaging, students can collaborate on research, team projects, class notes through additional asynchronous communication tools, such as discussion groups and document sharing.

Agilix distributed learning tools are not limited to students. Software solutions also enhance the learning resources and tools for teachers, publishers, and researchers. Solutions can be customized for higher education, K-12 education, distance learning, corporate & government education. In the future, Agilix will enable not only use of laptops and Tablet PCs, but also handheld devices for learning and continuing education.

Ultimately, distributed learning will become as important to education and learning as oxygen is to all living things. We’ll look back and wonder how we ever got through school without it.