Delivering value-added solutions for our customers is our main objective

Agilix prides itself on delivering products and solutions that meet important needs of our customers. Whether it’s for distributed learning or personal productivity, Agilix applications have many satisfied users. There are over 200,000 users of Agilix applications that have been primarily sold through our partners.

A major focus of Agilix is delivering partner-branded applications to LMS, CMS, content and system integrator partners that provide distributed learning solutions. Building strong partnerships is very important to us. For most partners, we are the behind-the-scenes development team for their solutions. For another, Agilix is a showcase of occasionally connected computing, and for another, a leading independent Tablet PC developer. We work with a number of major industry players, and hardware and software vendors.

OEM Customers



Agilix and Blackboard have partnered to deliver a powerful offline, distributed learning solution called Blackboard Backpack™. Blackboard Backpack is able to download all course content stored on Blackboard Academic Suite™ servers. See press release on Agilix and Blackboard partnership.

Early College
Agilix and Early College partnered to develop EPIC, a first of its kind distributed learning application for high school. EPIC is bundled with Early College’ Early College solution. See press release on EPIC.

Agilix formed a partnership with FranklinCovey early in its history. Agilix develops productivity and planning applications that support FranklinCovey’s leading training programs, including Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Learn about FranklinCovey products developed by Agilix.

Microsoft delivers Agilix GoBinder as part of their Education Pack for the Tablet PC. Go to the Education Pack Web page >>

Gateway sells Agilix GoBinder and Blackboard Backpack as part of the Education sales programs.

Handango, a leader in mobile and handheld software distribution with a focus on the Tablet PC, is a distributor for GoBinder. Go to Handango’s GoBinder Web page>>

Agilix is an Intel development partner, building software that leverages the power of leading edge Centrino, Core Duo and Core 2 Duo solutions. Find out how Intel is promoting Agilix’s distributed learning focus in their mobilized software campaign.

Agilix is a Premiere Tablet PC ISV and worked closely with the Microsoft Mobile Platforms group in the development of InfiNotes, which enables rapid development of Tablet PC applications. Microsoft has been a strong supporter and promoter of InfiNotes. See press release on InfiNotes. In addition, Agilix applications run very effectively on the Ultra Mobile PC. See press release on Agilix’s support of the Ultra Mobile PC.




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